Best Mens Cologne Suggestions

Finding "the best" men's cologne is about picking the product that's perfect for you or the gift recipient. So it should be no surprise that shopping for cologne is a lot like picking out new clothing. Go with scents that are personally inspiring and for the best fit, consider the type of occasions when you or your honey want to wear the fragrance. A gift set offers more flexibility, allowing you to make the scent stronger with lotions, deodorant sticks, body washes and shaving balms featuring the same masculine essence.

Hair, clothing and looks are important but the right mens cologne transforms a man. Giving him the confidence to know he smells good when approaching beautiful women in a club or giving a presentation for work. When it comes to mens cologne, companies now understand that men want to smell good while attending parties, formal events, the office, on a date or simply while relaxing at home. The right smell can get him through a long day, help him relax, and stay smelling great even on hot summer days. With the wide selection in men's cologne choosing the right fit as a gift for you or someone else is easy when you know what to look for. Here are some of the hottest mens cologne and gift sets on the planet.

David Beckham - Cologne for Men

Here is a mens cologne to buy if you are looking to get intimate, impress a new date or draw admiring glances from women at a party! Intimately Beckham Night Cologne! Designed by the world's most famous soccer player, it offers a wonderfully intense fragrance sure to get plenty of compliments. Featuring jasmine, mandarin and ginger the scent is distinctly male without being overpowering. It is also a glamorous enough mens fragrance for formal events.

Another David Beckham scent that is just as captivating is his Signature for Him Cologne. It is a men's cologne that features an elegant blending of South African bush lantana blossom, white amber and sea notes, making the scent very woody and Oriental, so potent you can almost see it. The manly fresh scent of this cologne for men is so sexy it just might become your signature scent.

Victoria's Secret - Very Sexy 2 for Men - A Mens Cologne

Victoria Secret knows what's hot and what's sexy in mens fragrances. That's why the Very Sexy 2 Cologne easily makes the list as one of the best colognes for men. This crisp scent combines white sage, rosewood, sandalwood and lavender for a sexy scent perfect for either day or night. Of all fragrances for men, wearing Very Sexy 2 while out on the town is an instant conversation starter. Everyone will want to know "what are you wearing?" Of course, you might want to keep this spicy citrus mens cologne a secret just for yourself.

Sean Jean - Unforgivable - A Fragrance for Men

Is their anything this mogul can't do? Maybe so, but when it comes to creating mens colognes Sean Jean brought his A game. The Unforgivable Cologne is exquisite and delectable. Combining Italian bergamot, grapefruit, rum, Australian sandalwood and Sicilian lemon this men's cologne is seductive and emotionally charged. A perfect fragrance for men is one with global appeal, helping him be more confident and conquer any situation in which he is placed. This magnetic mens cologne will dazzle in a boardroom, or while clubbing.

Michael Jordan - 23 and Jordan

When it comes to a mens cologne that inspires success, greatness and ambition no other scent can compare to that representing the greatest athlete in basketball history, Michael Jordan. The Michael Jordan 23 Cologne features grapefruit, musk and black currant elements, creating a fragrance for men that is fresh and mellow enough for everyday casual wear. Both distinctive and refined this cologne is perfect for teenagers and young adults or those who like a more classic type of scent.

Going strong since 2000, is another men's cologne by the legend, the Jordan Cologne by Michael Jordan. It provides a soft, light and breezy scent that is designed to be long lasting to the wearer. A slight hint of musk makes it perfect for the grown man who wants to feel in control at the office. The bottle and packaging has also been designed with men in mind. And the finished product is a cologne for men that even the most reserved man will not be embarrassed to show off.

Avon - Driven Black for Derek Jeter

On first sniff of Avon's Driven Black cologne for men, you are instantly treated to an exotic experience. Designed for baseball great Derek Jeter the mens fragrance uses bold elements such as saffron, blood orange and tamboti wood. With mens fragrances that inspire passion, creativity, sensuality and mystery Driven Black is perfect for wearing at night. This mens cologne shows a man that likes to stand out from the crowd and is passionate about what he wants... just like the multiple World Series champion and All-Star favorite.


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